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   I started riding mountain bikes when I was around 26 years old. Fresh from returning from volunteering in the United States Peace Corps in Nicaragua.  I moved to Boulder Colorado to work and spend time with my favorite cousin Grant as he was finishing up at CU Boulder.   It was in boulder county that I learned to love riding singletrack.  Trying desperately to keep up with my cousin and his mutant Colorado friends riding every afternoon at chautauqua .


  I rode my original diamondback topanga for the next 7-8 years until I inevitably loved/rode it to death!  Living in San Diego and running my own businesses I have had the flexibility to travel and enjoy some of the best single track the West of the US has to offer.   From Noble Canyon and the forested big laguna trails just outside of San diego .  To the mountain bike mecca of Red Rock Sedona Arizona, to my not so famous, but awesome home town trails of Bass Lake California .

   My wife and I (andrea) even did a bit of a singletrack adventure honeymoon trip about 7 years ago. Van camping and adventuring through some of the best mountain towns and mountain bike destination of Jackson Hole Wyoming,  Squamish British Columbia, Whistler Mtn bike park.  Also visiting Bend Oregon, Lake Tahoe, and Downvielle for their fabled shuttle run .  It is these experiences combined with attending the annual Interbike expo and more mountain bike films than I  can count, that have crafted my mountain bike t shirts ideas.   Emphasizing the fun playful side of riding these fun, light, full-suspension machines all over the western USA.


    Running my primary business  I have chosen to attend annual trade expos that focus on my outdoor passions and hobbies.   Traveling to Salt Lake City and Denver Colorado since before I could afford to pay to walk the annual Outdoor Retailer show as a vendor .  However, it provided me another annual opportunity to spend a few weeks traveling, van camping, and riding mountain bikes through Flagstaff AZ, and Crusted Butte CO, in route.  Upon finishing up at the annual OR show I would always swing through Jackson Wyoming, Sun Valley Idaho and Stanley, Oregon, and Back through Downieville and Lake Tahoe to finish things off flowy.


     I guess what I am trying to say is mountain biking has been a big part of my life for the last 20 plus years.  Hopefully, you like some of our evolving Mountain bike t shirts, buy one for yourself and share some of our evolving and playful mountain bike t shirts ideas with your friends.  If you have a rad photo that you think epitomizes the fun you have on the mountain bike we would be happy to collaborate also.  Yours in single track stoke and as always 20% of all net profit go to support trail building organizations and other outdoor organizations dedicated to getting people outside and active.


Check out for all our mountain bike t shirts and other outdoor sports culture related designs.  You will be glad you did! :)



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