ATV Riding Stoke on my new Yahama Raptor 700r in Glamis Dunes

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So I recently bought a Yamaha Raptors 700 Racing quad. And I haven't ridden ATVs in the dunes in a while, but uh, headed out to Glamis and had a blast riding the new quad riding up humungous walls of Sand. Throwing the back end around Roosting all over the place having a grand old time.

 It's been a while since I've had a quad I used to have a Yamaha Banshee when I was in high school and we used to go to Pismo a lot the dunes there and had a blast. So I figured international travel was going to be kind of lame the next couple of years, and thought it would be fun to start ATV riding again and riding dunes again since Glamis dunes is only 2 hours east of us in San Diego.

These are some of the pictures and trips that inspire a lot of our creative images and T shirt designs and clothing designs. So if you like ATV riding, and you're into riding quads and dunes and shredding and having a good time, I think you'll enjoy some of our ATV riding T shirts and designs.


 If you like some of these images and adventures and you want to meet up with us to ride the Glamis dunes anytime soon or you want to collaborate we are always open to looking at new and interesting fun ideas for our T shirt designs. And anything obviously involving ATV riding, dune riding, or just having a grand old time!   My name is Jeremy Curran, this is And if you want to get a hold of us, my phone number is 619-885-8188!  Make it a great day out there and we hope to connect with you soon.  We hope you enjoy our images and videos of our new atv riding advenures in and around Glamis Dunes and the southern California dunes.



Stay Stoked out there my friends


Jeremy Curran


atv riding dunes in glamis




atv riding: glamis dunes

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