Kyler is skiing on his 4th day at 4 yrs old June Mountain and Mammoth Lakes Trip

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   We bought our 4 year old son Kyler his first ikon ski pass this year.  I guess i didn't really know what to expect although i know he is pretty athletic.   When he cut the cord and began skiing by himself minus his little ski wedge attachment his 4th day skiing ever, i was a little taken aback.

    It appears folks we have a little ski shredder stud muffin in the works.  It has even inspired my wife Andrea to buy Riley our 2 year old daughter her first set of skis.  So hopefully we can have them both up and skiing fairly competently and get back to taking ski resort Ikon pass road trips into the next year or so.

    Hell its the reason i bought my new 170 4x4 sprinter van we have been slowly building out.  So we could spend 3-4 weeks over our winter breaks skiing our way all the way up into the Canadian powder highway.   In relative comfort while still keeping the trips relatively inexpensive, and sampling as many great Ikon pass affiliated resorts as possible.

   We are not completely out of the woods yet but having Kyler already riding greens and blue runs is huge.  He basically skied everything at June Mountain last weekend minus the black diamond runs.   Soon i will be back to making more memories that will inspire more of our ski t-shirts designs.  If you ever want to meet up and shred some POW in Mammoth or collaborate on a ski t-shirt design drop me a line.


Yours in Building Stoke

Jeremy Curran

kyler sipping hot cocoa getting pumped to ski june mountain

Kyler taking ski runs at June by himself at age 4!

Kyler cannon balling into my 4 ft deep snow cavern i dug out for him!


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