Clothing that celebrates the fun, quirky nuances of outdoor action sports culture. So go on, and get STOKED!!!
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Why we are stoked and who we are!

   Founded by Jeremy Curran, an avid entrepreneur and dedicated outdoors sports athlete.   Jeremy's first business is a warehousing and freight distribution business that focuses mainly on the action sports equipment for his hobbies of surfing, urban bike riding, mountain biking, cargo biking,  snow skiing, enduro dirt bike riding, and a little bit of wake boarding.  He also runs the wildly famous Urban Bike and Social Club in San Diego.

   While attending trade shows nationwide and being involved in the sport culture of his favorite hobbies, he notice a lack of clothing that personified all the funny sayings, behavior, and idiosyncrasies of each sport and the people whom love them.   It was basically the types of fun t-shirts, hoodies, and hats that he ideally wanted to buy himself but could not find from other vendors.  The choice was obvious,  he would have to start his own his own clothing company, to bring his vision to life and stop having nothing fun to wear in the office.


    Think of it as the far side, meets life is good, smashed together with all the fun stoke and wacky culture of each sports.    We hope you like our slowly evolving designs and merchandise, and we hope it helps you stay stoked and spread the stoke of your favorite outdoors sports no matter what they may be!


Ride hard, don't take yourself too seriously, and stay stoked out there my friends.  Life is truly a fun adventure to be enjoyed!   Hopefully our line up makes the journey even more fun along the way!




 As always 20% of ALL PROFITS go to fund organizations that promote and enhance trail building and outdoor sports recreation opportunities!  So that is something to be STOKED about too!