Camping T-shirts and Overland T-shirts Adventures and Inspiration from our trips!

camping t-shirts overland t-shirts


          Camping and overland-style adventure camping adventures have been some of my favorite trips for years.  Partially because you they are a fairly economical ways to take trips.   Partially, because I just like being outside, in the wild, having adventures practicing my favorite sports, like enduro dirt bike riding, mountain biking, skiing, and surfing.


        Many of the ideas and images behind our camping tshirts and overland t-shirts such as Vanderlust have come directly from my favorite trips and camping and overlanding adventure trips.   Some of my favorites places to camp and overland in my 4x4 adventure van “the mobile command center 2.0” included Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, Sky Park in Big Bear area.   Also on my short list are the endless epic single tracks of Crusted Butte CO, epic beauty of Jackson Wyoming, endless single track dirt biking trails of Idaho and generally everywhere along the western states and British Columbia Canada.


           We hope you enjoy our evolving camping t-shirts and overland adventure t-shirts ideas as much as we enjoyed the trips that inspired them.   Almost all of the designs I originally hand sketched and then had some friends at a design firm clean up and digitize for final t-shirts and prints.


     If you love these camping t-shirts and overland t-shirts adventure ideas we would love to hear from you.   We are always looking for more like-minded outdoor adventurous friends to share our future adventures with.   Or if you like some of our ideas and images we would love your feedback and/or hear from you.   Some other adventurous soles that have been inspiring us to take new and different adventures include Trent Palmer and his amazing bush plane adventures, anything Taylor Steele and surf adventure related, Dirt Bike Single Track adventures from every single Sunday.    Mountain Bike Trail Riding adventures from Ant Hill Productions, fresh pow-related pursuits from Teton Gravity Research, Match Stick Productions, and epic endure adventures from Motology.



Yours in camping and adventuring!



camping tshirts overland tshirts adventures

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