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Dirt Bike Shirts #GetRad collection

Enduro Dirt Bike riding is one of my favorite sports and hobbies.  From shredding loamy single-track trails in Bass lake Ca to exploring the endless forested single track of Crusted Butte Co, to craving sandy berms in ocotillo wells I love it all.  I had not seen many dirt bike shirts that I thought represented the most fun parts of dirt bike riding, so I set out to create some of my own dirt bike shirts.


    Dirt biking has become one of my favorite hobbies because it allows me to quickly explore some much outdoor terrain in such a short amount of time.   Riding mountain bikes with my wife and friends we can generally only cover around 10-15 miles before we are pretty beat. But on a dirtbike, you can quickly shred 20-40 miles or more in a few hours and truly explore more zones of areas you love to ride.  I think my ktm 500 EXC has truly made me appreciate my hometown of Bass Lake CA even more now that I can explore so much more of the backcountry on my moto.  It has also made my annual summer western states camping and exploration trip revolving around the Outdoor retailer become even more of an amazing adventure trip.


      I hope these fun dirt bike shirts images of flowy single track booters and rad technical feature riding get you stoked also.   As always 20% of all sales profits from our #getrad dirt bike shirts collection will get donated back to organizations that promote and build more dirt bike riding opportunities.  So hopefully that will help you feel more stoked about your purchase of any of these cool dirt bike shirts even more.     Please spread the word if you like our dirt bike shirts designs or any of our other new #getrad collection for moto, mountain bike, surf, and snow skiing. 


    We are having a lot of fun riding, shooting, capturing, and designing this new #getrad collection.  However, we could always use some social love to spread the word.   If you like what you see and/or you have a great idea for a new dirt bike shirts design, drop me a line and let's connect.  Or come find me for a ride and we can shred and talk about it over a cold beer, while the sun is setting and the campfire is heating up.



We love this stuff and we hope you love it too!  Check out our full collection of new shirts at www.stokedclothingcompany.com


Yours in moto adventure fun!





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