Mission Glamis Sand Dunes!

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   I have not ridden quads in the dunes in 20-30 years .  However this year i decided to get a new raptor 700R sport quad.  Since i am sure international travel will be fairly lame for another year or so.  I figured i might as well get into another fun local hobby.


    One of the United States largest Sand Dunes Glamis Dunes is only 2.5 hours from our home in San Diego.   So i figured we might as well start taking advantage of the crazy fun large dune riding area so close to home.  This last weekend i shot out to ride my new 700r raptor with some friends who go to Glamis all the time.


     I had not really even broken in my new sport quad and the dunes are huge out in Glamis.  So i took it a bit easy the first couple of hours.  However sooner than later i was gripping it and ripping it and riding wide open in 4th and 5th gear on the raptor.   Part of it is that the dunes are just so large you really need quite a bit of speed to carry your around the bowls without rolling down into them.


    Needless to say the Yamaha Raptor 700R is the one of the most powerful sport quads out there.   So once i felt comfortable pushing my new machine i had plenty of torque and power to climb almost any of the large awesome dunes walls and massive sand bowls out there.


     I joined my friend Aaron and his rowdy friends whom come out to ride glamis annually.  Needless to say many beers were consumed, lot of fire works work fired up, and the long daily rides were awesome!  Some of these rad memories are already  starting to generate atv shirt ideas in my head.


      As with all things Stoked Clothing our fun adventure trips and experiences help me formulate and design many of our fun t-shirt design ideas.   So if you are every looking to shred some sand out at glamis dunes hit me up and i will join you if i can.   Or if you like some of our fun adventure sport t-shirt designs and want to collaborate we love that also.


Stay Stoked out there my friends!


Jeremy Curran


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