Sayulita Mexico Surfing and Adventures!

The last few years, Sayulita, Mexico, has become one of our favorite surf destinations.  This area just north of Puerto Vallarta, including Punta De Mita and Sayulita, is known to some as the “Mexican Malibu”.   I have been traveling to Sayulita and Punta De Mita annually for the last 6 years.


   Sayulita is designated as one of Mexico’s “Magic Towns”.  Known to be a great small surf town with friendly people, a great vibe, great small eateries, and of course, warm, consistent reef waves for surfing!   Having learned Spanish in the peace corp Nicaragua, I love spending time in Mexico and keeping my second language fluent.


   Many of our fun t-shirts designs stem from my memorable times spent surfing and hanging out in Sayulita, Punta De Mita, and surrounding towns like party wave and tacos-cerveza-olas-sol-sonrisas-y-chi-chis.  Catching tons of fun warm waves, making friends, and going out and being social most nights on foot.  Something that is sorely missing from our normal everyday lives in much of the United States.  Where, most people work all day and then prefer to Netflix and chill and in most cases, don’t even know their neighbors.


  So if you love to surf, hit the beach, and enjoy friendly, walkable, nice towns.  Sayulita , Punta de Mita, and San Pancho are certainly some great examples of what great small Mexican towns can be.  It doesn’t hurt that the surf is so fun and varied either!  From Punta Burros a fun consistent right hand reef break.  To La Lancha  and its fun, wide beaches and variety of waves for every taste.   If you feel like staying closer to home, the right-hand wave in downtown Sayulita, is a hell of a wave machine also!

      As always, many of our clothing designs follow our hobbies and outdoor sports passions like surfing.   So if you like some of our ideas, or want to collaborate, send us a message.  Or if you want to rally and join us for our next killer travel adventure and some warm, fun waves, hit me up.   We love to have fun with like-minded adventures and athletic people.



Yours is building tropical surf stoke. And enjoy our picks from the Buena Onda this last trip to Sayulita Mexico..


Jeremy Curran

Stoked Clothing head Dummy Test Pilot! 😊


sayulita Mexico Surfing

La Lancha beach sayulita Mexico area

sayulita beach in town

sayulita mexico drone photo

la lancha surf punta de mitanorth of sayulita looking south with drone

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