Greer Ranch Mountain Bike and McCain Valley Dirt Bike 2 wheeled double session this weekend!


Pints at Fall Brewing Friday!

      This weekend was solid!   We started off the weekend with one of my better friends rolling back into San Diego, from his bubble sea-side condo complex near K-38 in Baja.   Tim was committed to just catching a few drinks at Fall Brewing and being productive the rest of the weekend.  But after a few pints and wine back at our dojo, we convinced him to go session Greer Ranch’s Enduro Mountain Bike Trails.

Greer Ranch MTB Sessions Saturday

      Tim mainly surfs and is generally a pretty athletic dude.  However he hasn’t been getting out of his Club Morena Resort surf complex much to ride.   Luckily for Tim my wife Andrea put in a call to Scott the Ex-cop owner of MJ Cyclery, and he agreed to let Tim borrow one of his enduro bikes for the ride.  


      Tim didn’t know what he was getting into as Greer Ranch has some very purpose-built enduro-style mountain bike trails.  Greer ironically has become my wife Andrea’s go-to spot for riding these last couple of months.  So she loves taking my out-of-town friends up to Greer and giving them a taste of MTB Knar!   


        We took 3 laps, including Double D, Overdrive, and Distortion, before Tim was begging for a pint and some rest.   He actually did pretty good, considering he has not ridden any single track in 2 plus years since he moved to Baja CA.   However, he did finally eat a dirt sandwich on our final part of Distortion, most likely just because he was losing it mentally!


Sunday Moto Session at McCain Valley OHV

        I had a loaner Ram Promaster Cargo Van, since my Sprinter van was in the shop.  So I already had my KTM 500 exc loaded into the van for Sunday.   Andrea was working and our Nanny had our kids Riley and Kyler, so I figured I might as well double down and shred some moto singletrack out at McCain Valley OHV.   As always, McCain Valley single track and tech rock features never disappoint.   I have this new fantastic route, where I literally connect 4-5 dry, tech river beds together, into one rad single track moto loop.


     Since I was riding by myself, I stopped to session some of my favorite rock features and shot some video with my Go Pro Hero 9 on the tripod..  That way, I get some cool ride-by footage and can also screenshot out some great pictures from the footage frame by frame.   Many of the screenshots become the inspiration for our Mountain Bike t-shirts and Dirt bike t-shirts for Stoked Clothing.


   Anyways, it was a solid 2 wheeled adventure weekend, so I figured I would share the memories and hopefully spread some stoke!    If you like any of these dirt bike or mountain bike adventures, hit me up when you are in town.  We would be stoked to show you our favorite riding spots and watering holes post-ride along the way.


 Yours in shredding single track on the MTB and MOTO!


Jeremy Curran


Stoked Clothing Company

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