Mountain Biking Sedona and our Favorite Red Rock Trails!



Sedona is one of our favorite spots to mountain bike in Arizona.  Mountain Biking Sedona is perfect in my opinion, September to May.  As it can get quite hot during the summers, even at elevation in Arizona.  The Trails and Mountain biking in Sedona are distinctly different than most places we ride along the west coast.  The typography is made of crazy rock features, rich spires, and unique red rock desert landscape. 


This unique Sedona landscape makes mountain biking in Sedona uniquely challenging and RAD simultaneously.  From mild scenic desert trails, to rowdy rocky technical climbs and crazy waterfall descents, Sedona will keep you stoked to ride.    Some of my favorite trails we have ridden are Slim Shady to HiLine trail, Adobe Jack Trail, and Bell Rock to Llama trail, and others.


Slim Shady to Hill Line is one of the more challenging rides we have shredded in Sedona.    Starting with a relatively moderate, beautiful climb via Slim Shady trail up into High Line.  Once into High Line, things get a little more steep, technical, and rowdy.  With complex climbs on fairly shear cliffs, to rock drops and dry waterfall-like rock descents.   My wife and I can generally ride most of it due to the amount of traction you get from riding this solid rock terrain.  However, the dry waterfall descents and high-altitude skinny passes always get to me to some degree.  Definitely, a must-ride for anyone intermediate to advanced.


A lot of the trails can be really challenging mountain biking in Sedona, so one of my favorite easy flowing evening rides is definitely Adobe Jack.  Adobe Jack is fun and convenient and can be ridden right from town.  However, it doesn’t take long to get lost in the twisty turning flowly desert single track right off of downtown Sedona.   This is definitely a fun, faster, scenic ride with great views of the large red rock mountains that surround downtown Sedona.  So try this great town ride and then grab a cold pint at happy  hour with your crew when you visit.


Bell Rock to Llama trail is also a fun, scenic, but a little less technical trail we enjoy.  This trail is unique in that much of it flanks a large bell-shaped red rock mountain.  Creating a technical mountain biking twist, riding narrow trails on a slope.  The views are great, and from what I remember, the trials are pretty fast, flowing and a hoot to ride.



I guess in the end, I could go on for days about the mountain biking in Sedona and why we spend a long weekend exploring at least a couple of times a year.  These unique trials and the adventure we have had riding in them are many of the experiences that have inspired our line of mountain biking t-shirts and other adventure tshirt designs.  So if you love riding excellent mountain biking trails, you owe it to yourself to check out the Mountain biking in Sedona, Arizona.   And if you like our adventure T-shirts and mountain biking shirts and hoodie designs, let us know.. Hopefully, we will see you out on an adventure soon, so we can spread stoke and have a cold pint together!


Yours in Spreading Stoke


Jeremy Curran


Stoked Clothing Company


Moutain biking Sedona Hill Line Trail


mountain biking Sedona Bell Rock


mountain biking sedona slim shady climb to hill line

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