Mountain Biking Moab!

  Moab is a very unique mountain bike and trail riding location with out of this world red rock topography.   The mountain biking in Moab is some of the most challenging terrain I have ever ridden.  From the smooth crazy climbing and descents of slick rock to epic longer rides of captain ahabs and the whole enchilada, Mountain biking in Moab has something for everyone skill wise.


Moab looks like something out of Mars, with its other-worldly massive red rock boulders, wide rivers, and crazy epic scenery.   Moab is truly a world class destination for mountain biking and just about any other off road trail sport like dirt biking, jeeping, UTV adventures etc.



Some of my favorite mountain biking in Moab revolve around the trails of Captain Ahabs , Slick Rock, and The whole enchilada an epic 34 miles rim ride with river views.  The HyMasa to Captain Ahab trial is a visual stunning 9 plus mile loop of the best that Moab mountain biking has to offer.   Challenging climbs, red rock vistas, and crazy challenging technical descents all in 1 great beautiful loop ride.


Slick Rock trail which is arguably one of the most popular mountain bike trails in Moab is a 12 mile roller coaster ride.   The slick rock trail is entire comprised of rock allowing riders to climb and descend routes that would otherwise be to steep to attempt on a mountain bike.  Certain sections are just like perfect rock ramps that you might not see anywhere else in the United States.  This is a trail you just must see and ride.


The Whole Enchilada is a 34 mile downhill ride of epic proportions.  Descending some 7,700 ft along the Colorado river basin.  This ride exposes you to almost every terrain Mountain Biking in Moab has to offer. Just make sure to try and ride it during the week or on off peak times as hordes of stokers shuttle this fabled trail thanks to a growing network of shuttle companies.


My wife and I generally make it out to Moab 1 time a year to explore more and more of these completely unique red rock trails.  Mostly by mountain bike but on my KTM 500 exc also, making for an epic 2 wheeled adventure through amazing red rock landscapes.  Many of these experience and good times on 2 wheels are what has inspired some of our mountain biking and dirt biking adventure t-shirt designs.   We hope you enjoy some of our inspired designs like the #getrad series and ongoing adventures in stoke. If you feel the same or want to shred some single track some time, drop us a line and well plan a trip.


Yours in begin stoked on mountain biking in Moab and other 2 wheeled adventures!


Jeremy Curran

Stoked Clothing Company


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