McCain Valley OHV HERO Dirt Sesh with Skydio 2 Follow Drone Footage!

    Recently we had some great rain here in San Diego.  So my friends and I blew off work to go out and shred some hero dirt in McCain Valley OHV just easy of San Diego.   I shot most of this on my go pro 9 hero and my new Skydio 2 follow drone.  I still have not figure out all the functionality but it would take 2 people to capture this type of drone footage before.   1 to fly the drone and almost another person just to point the camera at the intended subject.  Pretty amazing the these Skydio 2 follow drones will now not only fly and follow you but also avoid obstacles along the way!   Just another fun flick that shows you why we love making dirt bike riding t shirts and other adventure focused clothing.


Stay Stoked out there my friends and enjoy the fun adventure video from our recent dirt bike sesh!





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