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Dirt Bike T-shirts

Dirt Biking has becoming one of my favorite hobbies.  I am now on my 3 KTM and am riding a 2016 500 exc f.  My favorite riding is tight flowing mountain single track trails with features.  Recently i have been spending a lot of time riding in the fabled mountains of Crusted Butte Co and Gunnison are with over 500 miles of single track.


    I also still have a ton of fun riding my hometown trails of Bass Lake CA.  Recently my favorite local dirt bike spot has become McCain Valley OHV .  With is tight, twisty, rocking, endless single track trails and rock features.  You can absolutely get lost in the endless network of trails out 1 hr east of San Diego.

  I have a lot of outdoor hobbies as you might well tell, but there is something about how much you can explore on a dirt bike.  Getting into dirt biking has made me appreciate my favorite outdoor destinations even more now that i can see some much of the back country in so little time on these amazing 2 wheel machines.


  We hope you love our dirt bike t shirt designs inspired by our evolving road trip dirt bike adventures.  If you want to shred some single track, or connect to collaborate hit me up.   I love to ride, have fun, and talk some shop!


Yours in dirt bike adventures!


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