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Rad Surfing T shirts and the adventures that have inspired them!

   I started surfing when I was 27 one summer when I lived in Jacksonville Florida.   I bought my first Ricky Carol 9ft long board and surfed jacks beach almost every afternoon before I went to work at night waiting tables at Carrabas Italian Grill.   I remember the surf was not really all that great and the water and weather was so hot it would literally melt the wax off your board before you got out into the line up!


   It really did not matter though, because I was learned and having a great time!   Fast forward more than a few years and I have been living in San Diego and surfing for almost 20 years.  I am still no Pro Bro, but it is definitely one of favorite sports.   All of my surf t shirt and surfing t shirt designs I initially hand sketched.  Inspired by funny surf adventure with my friends both here in San Diego and the Sayulita / Punta de Mita area of Mexico and beyond.


Board Meeting  and The Beach is my Office   were funny surf t shirt that came from mainly my friends Tim Murphy and Daniel Visco and I co-working from the South Mission Beach Parking lot on Fridays.    Catching some waves early, and then doing what work we absolutely had to do those days, from our built out overland adventure vans from the parking lot!   People would literally come right up to my sprinter van as I made sales calls and conducted sales training in my board shorts post surf.   Laughing in disbelief, that we were actually doing work from our vans in beach parking lot and getting stuff done.  


Surfing t shirts Party Wave and Tacos, Cerveva, Olas, Sol Sonrisas y Chi chis were heavily inspired by our wild times surfing the fun breaks of Sayulita and Punta de Mita area of Mexico.  My personal favorite break is La lancha as it has a fun vibe and waves for basically everyone, just watch out for the crocodrillos on your walk out Bro! 😊


   All in All, I love taking fun surfing adventure trips to warm fun destinations that inspire this surfing t shirt design.   I hope you feel the same and support us by purchasing some of our cool funny surf t shirts designs.  This empowers us to give back to surf related groups and put some money in the piggy bank for more plane tickets, surf wax, tacos, and cervezas for our upcoming surf adventures.     Stay stoked out there my friends and let us know what you think of our evolving surf t shirt line up!


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